Welcome and Hello.


Hey everyone and welcome to my blog!

As a little indocutry, I am Adalia, I am 18 years old and currently studying drama at university. For the longest time I have had many ideas that I wanted to blog about but never had the courage to do so but now i'm just going to throw myself into the blogging world and unleash my thoughts and ideas. This blog will consist of beauty and fashion posts and the occasional post about interior designing. Hope you all enjoy it.


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  2. Hey buddy,
    I know that your into interior design. So, I have a dilemma.... I have a very dark room as I have dark dark furniture, carpet and Room in general. Any tips to Make it brighter, plus do you think a chandelier is a good idea? Btw, I can't change the furniture, floor as Its all in good condition!


    1. Try spicing it up with a bit off colourful accessories. I prefer white because it makes the space seem more open. You could try accessories such as little hanging hearts (or any design you prefer)or wall plaques. You could also try some colourful wall art and also have colourful bed sheets! Another thing that I like doing is picking out my favourite clothing item, for me it's a dress and putting it on the wall as if it's a show piece. Colourful bunting also adds colour and you can make it yourself! If you want, you could have a colour scheme such as picking 3 colours and putting accessories in your room according to those three colours or you could simply go for a certain type of colour such as pastels and decorate your room according to that. I've never really tried a chandelier so I can't comment on that. Hope i've been some help to you and thanks for commenting :) xx