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Hey everyone! 

So my last post was about me feeling very depressed about university and wanting to go back home. Since then a LOT has happened. I decided to transfer uni to one thats closer to home, now as i'm from Birmingham, there's a lot of unis to choose from. I decided to choose Coventry University simply because they did my course, they were quite high on the leaderboard for my course and it was an hours journey from home. I called them up and they gave me an audition  on Friday and then offered me a place which I took up straight away so I called my current uni and withdrew from them however there was quite a bit of paperwork to sort out.

So I went home feeling happy after the audition that I got through but then when I reached home I realised I actually preferred living by myself. I know some of you may be like "MAKE UP YOUR MIND WOMAN" but I didn't expect this. I shrugged it off and thought that I would just feel normal again and not to act on an impulse. However, when I woke up the next morning I had the DEEPEST regret. I was thinking omg what have I done. I realised that because i've always had the dream of going to uni and always knew I would move out then to move back in I felt like I was going backwards in time but also I realised that my anxiety at home is about a million times worse than it was at uni. I tried to contact my uni that I withdrew from but there was no reply assuming they weren't open on weekends so I literally spent the whole weekend stressed, anxious and worried. 

On Monday (today) I quickly contacted my uni as soon as the lines opened and explained the situation. This was such a scary call to make and I was actually shaking while on the phone as they could easily turn me down and say no but the woman was very nice and let me back in. As I withdrew on a Friday, they didn't sort out all the necessary paperwork to make it official so I was very lucky to be bought back in.

I'm currently in my accommodation right now and there's times where I don't really like it but then I just have to get on with it. I'm very lucky because I'm only an hour away on the train from my home and my timetable is also very great. I don't have many lectures, Fridays are my days off and Thursdays I finish really early so I can basically go home for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and then back to uni on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It's quite spilt between being at home and being at uni and I like that.

My advice to anyone starting uni is that homesickness will come to many of you and it feels like you will have it bad because everyone else seems to be enjoying themselves but don't act upon it. Also its the same if you feel like you're not enjoying yourself, at first it may feel like that but soon enough you will become accustomed to it. I would say give it till about Christmas to know what you want to do because some people may still be unhappy while others are fine. I feel that if you go home for the holidays you will see the change between what it's like to live at uni as appose to what it's like to live at home because for many it feels different when they go home. 
Another tip and this is quite an important one is don't go into any private accommodation unless you really have to. I made the mistake of getting a studio which means everyone keeps to themselves luckily I made friends from another hall but I still wish I lived in halls as it feels more like a family cosy environment. Stick to the uni halls, they might look outdated and small but the experience you'll have will be so much better. 
An important tip is make friends, introduce yourself to people because everyone is in the same boat. Now I have social anxiety so I understand that sometimes it's hard to say hello to new people but I put myself into the mindset that if I don't do this then I might not have any friends, I might be standing alone and i'm ruining my own experience. It's university, people won't mind you saying hello to them because they'll expect it as everyones new. I understand that some people can be shy and that's fine but do try to engage into a bit of conversation and that will hopefully start to make you a little relaxed. 
My last tip is not to worry! Now i'm a big worrier so again I understand and relate to people who get worried and anxious quite quickly. One thing i've learnt is to take everyday as it comes. I usually start getting anxiety for things that are still yet to come. For example, when I was given my timetable that didn't start till two weeks I already started worrying about finding buildings and getting lost and things like that but I realised that worrying will not help me and will make me see the situation bigger than it is. Instead what I did was took my mind off things and closer to the time I realised that on your first day tutors are going to expect you to get lost and be late because universities campuses are big and confusing and it's going to take time to know your way round but it will be fine. This applies to everything, don't worry because you're in a new situation and there will be some things you don't know how to do or don't know how to get to places but calm down, ask for help if needed and just figure it out. Try breathing techniques, yoga, exercise anything to take your mind off things but do not worry as it won't help a situation. 

If you have any questions then leave them in the comment section and I will try to answer them :) This will probably be my last uni post for quite a while now.

Thanks for reading! :) 

Adalia xx 

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  1. I'm so glad you know what you want to do now and you're settling in! My cousin actually goes to Coventry Uni! Anyway, I am totally jealous of you living on your own right now and I totally understand the idea that you always dream of being in uni and living out! Hope you have an amazing time!
    Wish you the best!

  2. Glad to hear you're finding uni better, i'm in my final year now and still get homesick but the experience makes it all worth it! x

  3. I'm happy that now you're more confident! Uni is about have fun and learn about something you're passioned :) so as soon as you feel more comfortable with the new place you will enjoy every single minute of it!

    Good luck!! :)
    (ps: I'm sorry for my bad English)

  4. Happy to hear that everything is working out! You'll find things a lot easier soon :)
    Good luck with everything x

  5. Glad to hear you're feeling happier now! :) xxx

  6. Good to hear that you are finally settling in and realizing what you want!

  7. cool post :)

  8. Just read both your posts about university. Great to see your getting used to life at uni and hopefully things will get better for you from now on! Hope you enjoy the next 3 years :) what course is it that your doing?

    I'm hoping to start university next year too so I've started my ucas application and stuff. I hope I get in! I would love to move away for uni because I want to experience my own independence but I know that it's not the right time, plus it's easier for me to get to work from home and I can drive to my placements if I get a place at uni. I've made up my mind that once I've left uni im going to work then buy my own place. Cant wait!

    Hope all goes well for you!

    Yazzy xx

    1. I'm doing drama! Do whatever you think is best for you and good luck on your application! :) xx

  9. I nominated you for a liebster award! I hope you answer! Click here for my questions :)


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